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Bridget Wilding

Bridget is a new resident to New York after being 2,000 miles away from Noah in Albuquerque for two years. Bridget is finishing her degree in Criminal Justice at Russell Sage University in Troy, NY and also working part time at a veterinary clinic in Albany, NY. As many know, Bridget is a lover of all life and creatures (even bugs, as long as they don't get near her. If they do, then instead of squashing them, Noah has to take them outside). She feels blessed being able to make a positive impact in the lives of so many animals on a weekly basis. She loves the dog parent lifestyle and can’t imagine not having little Wendy in her life now (you'll meet Wendy in the wedding party). Bridget has also made tremendous recovery progress from her two Periacetabular Osteotomy (PAO) surgeries in 2013 and 2014. She has been able to steadily and significantly increase her physical activity pain-free since the two surgeries. She can even take Wendy on jogs a few times a week, which is a huge improvement after not being able to run for years. In December of 2015, Bridget will go under the knife for the last time (fingers crossed) to remove all eight screws. No more bionic Bridget. Bridget can’t wait to marry Noah, who’s been an amazing support system through all the hardships she has faced.

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Noah Wolfe

Noah is now in his third year of graduate school, pursuing a PhD at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI) in Troy, NY. Noah has also started working full-time as a Computational Scientist at the RPI Center for Computational Innovations. In order to combat his sedentary work/education life, Noah is enjoying playing intramural sports with his good friends in the RPI graduate program and walking Wendy twice a day, if his knees allow it on that day #oldmanproblems. In the three years he’s been in the PhD program, he’s had five papers published and three are currently in the works. He’s one of those people that actually enjoy what they do and is always excited when he has a breakthrough on a project. Noah is glad to have his companion in New York with him and is looking forward to what the future holds for his little Wild Wolfepack with Bridget and Wendy.

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Important Peoples

Olga Sologub

Maid of Honor

Starting off in sixth grade, Olga and Bridget went through all the joys of high school together: Learning how to gossip, helping each other figure out the ins and outs of relationships, and getting through the four years mostly unscathed. Olga has been a huge inspiration to Bridget throughout their 11 years of friendship and she couldn’t be more proud to have this amazing person stand next to her when she says, “I do.”


Natalie Wilding


Natalie has been by Bridget's side from the time they were wee little ones, showing her the ropes of life and teaching her how not to make their mom and dad mad. Natalie has the best sense of humor and is one of the few who can make Bridget laugh out loud over a text message. She has taught Bridget to never apologize for who she is, to always live passionately and strive to make a difference in the world. Bridget loves her sister and is so pumped to see where life takes them both.


Iahlayah Wolfe


When Noah and Bridget first started dating, she learned that he had a younger sister that meant a great deal to him. Bridget very much looked forward to meeting her and the rest of the Wolfe-pack. Bridget was really happy when Noah, Layah and herself could spend time together and talk like they'd known each other forever. Layah has become the little sister that Bridget never had, but always wanted and she really looks forward to all the memories and laughs they’ll have in the future. She is so proud of the young woman that Layah has become.


Penny Tidwell


Penny was one of Bridget's unlucky personal training “victims.” During their first sessions together they spent ¾ of the time gossiping, laughing and getting to know each other, and the other quarter actually working out. Penny’s Wednesday sessions became Bridget's favorite hour of the week. She felt so unbelievably lucky to have established a friendship with Penny and the four amazing men in Penny's life, including her dog, Koda. The Tidwells became Bridget's second family and she loves them all so much.


Madison Burger

Flower Girl

Also known as Bridget's "Mermaid Sister", Madison is the smartest, cutest girl around. Living across the street from Bridget, Madison has always been Bridget's closest confidant for all things swimming, mermaid, and boy related. Famous Madison Quote: "Noah, what are you waiting for? Hurry up and ask to marry my Mermaid sister already!" -2014


Stephen & Lori Wilding

Bride's Parents

Lori and Stephen are both residents of Albuquerque. Stephen is from Liverpool, England and Lori is a native of Albuquerque. They are the role models that showed Bridget that a long distance relationship is possible and have 35 years of marriage to show for it. Stephen is an avid Liverpool football fan and ever since meeting Noah he has given Noah a hard time for being a Chelsea football supporter. Bridget always has to be careful when buying anything blue or red (blue-Chelsea color, red-Liverpool color), because regardless of the color, someone’s going to be mad. Along with their other daughter, Natalie, they’re very excited to welcome Noah into the family.


Gabe Mondragon

Best Man

Attending the same high school and living together in college, Gabe taught Noah many things: That it's perfectly acceptable for men to ask questions like, "Does this shirt make me look fat?" and also get upset when the answer is yes. Also, that it's perfectly acceptable when in college to take your parents toilet paper because -lets be honest-, the good stuff isn't cheap. And most importantly, that one can live on a strict diet of ramen noodles, hot Cheetos, and cheese sticks.


Isaiah Wolfe


The eldest sibling in the Wolfepack, Isaiah has always been a true protector and leader. Growing up, whether Noah was scared of commiting to his first front flip on the trampoline or intimidated having to guard an older kid in basketball, Isaiah has always been the first one in Noah's corner offering support and advice. It's impossible not to shoot for the stars with someone like him standing behind you. Not to mention, Isaiah gave the best laundry basket rides in town!


Micah Wolfe


Only two years older, Micah has always been a very close role model and Noah has learned countless lessons following in his footsteps. One important lesson Micah taught was, "There's a time and a place." Whether there was 10 seconds left in a close basketball game, or watching Power Rangers on the couch, Micah always showed up with the right attitude. Power Rangers are important, but Micah knew that when Mom says, "Say cheese!", you promptly show the pearly whites without a peep.


Elijah Wolfe


Elijah has shown Noah that it's important to go after your passions in life. He knows what he likes/wants and he goes out and gets it regardless of the level of difficulty or social popularity. He may be the youngest brother, but as can be seen in the picture, he has always had his stuff together. Elijah is as classy as it gets wearing a long sleeve white t-shirt with matching socks. Who in their right mind supports the Kansas City Chiefs?


Wendy Peffercorn

Ring Bearer

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The latest and greatest addition to the WildWolfe family, Wendy Peffercorn is a Corgi/Brittany Spaniel mix who loves long walks, chasing leaves, belly rubs and sleeping in. Originally found covered in fleas on the side of a freeway in Texas, Wendy is now the best part of her parents' day.


Ben & Ramona Wolfe

Groom's Parents

High School sweethearts, Ben and Ramona have accomplished so much in their 30+ year marriage. They've successfully raised 5 "howl" raising young wolfes, all without losing a single finger or toe. There may have been a few broken bones but what doesn't kill you makes you stronger. They've both made many sacrifices along the way to provide their very best and Noah couldn't have asked for two better role models. Supportive from day one, they are very excited to have Bridget as the latest addition to their wolfepack.

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